We manufacture prototypes as well as large series for our customers.

CNC metal machining is a technology that allows us to provide services at the highest level of quality.

We are constantly developing, we invest in machinery, control and human capital, all in order to provide the highest level of services.

Knowledge, human resources, experience, modern machinery and original approach to every order allow us to carry out even the most complex projects.

Comprehensive CNC metal machining services:

CNC milling

With our modern machine pool, we will undertake to fill even the most complex orders.
CNC milling is first of all high quality and repeatability.
X axis travel: 1000 mm
Y axis travel: 540 mm
Z axis travel: 350 mm

CNC turning

CNC ALFA has state-of-the-art CNC lathes and CNC lathes with driven tools.
New machines mean, above all, reliability and tenacity in carrying out even the most complex projects.
CNC turning allows us to offer quality and high standard of workmanship as well as repeatability.
Maximum CNC turning diameter: 380 mm
Maximum CNC turning length: 800 mm

Maximum bore diameter: 100 mm
Maximum length: 350 mm

Flat grinder
Table dimensions: 150x200 mm

Powder coating

Upon the customer's request, we offer powder coating of finished parts made by CNC machining.

Laser marking

Identification of finished products made by CNC Milling and CNC Turning. Marking / stamping of the workpiece according to the customer's request.

What is CNC machining of metals and plastics? CNC machining is our specialty, we offer both machining methods, namely CNC Milling and CNC Turning. Machining involves shearing the top layer of a workpiece to give it the desired shape and to change it ...

CNC milling is one of our main lines of business. We have a modern machine pool, as well as adequate knowledge and experience in CNC machining. Working with new and professional premium brand CNC machines allows us to complete even the most difficu ...

CNC ALFA specializes in CNC turning. We use premium brand state-of-the-art machines and professional cutting tools of top suppliers. In CNC turning we focus on high quality of the offered service, we pay attention to even the smallest details. Quali ...

In response to the needs of the most demanding customers, CNC ALFA is able to fill any order comprehensively. In addition to CNC milling and CNC turning we do locksmithing, to complete your order in the shortest time possible. Short turnaround time ...

We also offer grinding services. Our CNC machine pool includes: Shaft grinder – max. machining area: Ø20, l-220 mm, bores Ø50, l-170 mm, Ø100, l-250mm Surface grinder – max. machining area: 150x200 mm. ...

Identification of products made by CNC Milling and Turning. The workpiece can be marked / stamped as specified by the customer.

In addition to our CNC machining services, we offer powder coating of finished aluminium, steel, galvanized and ceramic components. For more information, please visit our website: www.lakierowanieproszkowe.eu ...

CNC ALFA offers: laser cutting, laser welding, as well as MIG, MAG and TIG welding. We offer a comprehensive service for the ordered workpieces, over many years of market presence we joined forces with various organizations. We offer: hardening, ...

Are you looking for a supplier of precision parts made by CNC machining?

CNC ALFA specializes primarily in CNC milling and turning. The mission of our organization is quality, repeatability and timeliness of delivery. We pay great attention to even the smallest details during CNC machining, because we know that customer satisfaction is in the details. Satisfaction of our customers translates into our satisfaction and motivates us for further development.

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Our organization is primarily a qualified team of operators and process engineers with many years of experience.



Quality control and aesthetics of our products are our trademarks. We know that quality translates into customer satisfaction.



Modern CNC machining units are serviced on an ongoing basis. Thanks to our modern machine pool we are able to manufacture parts with very high accuracy and repeatability.



For designing and programming of CNC machines we use state-of-the-art, professional CAD/CAM software.